Galaga Pro-Am flight school championships 2018

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Sid seattle
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Galaga Pro-Am flight school championships 2018

Post by Sid seattle » Thu May 03, 2018 1:53 am

Hey all, sid seattle here. I have at least 4 galaga cabinets (hopefully 8)with seperate cameras ( and a film crew..not quite sure about the event bring streamed or not)..being filmed live for the contest hapoening at Game On Expo in Phoenix,Arizona August 10-12 2018

Created by :Sid Seattle

.5 no entry free tourney (with game on expo admission)

.you decide if you are a pro or gets a kickass level gets a trophy glass..
.5 am level play for highest score on one (specific machine),5 ship settings. Playing on player 2. .winner announced at 5 pm finals..

Pro level

1. Five man tournament settings
2. Scores on player 2 only..(for extra digit to show)
3. I have had some of you say that you will verify/referee the machines and cannot play AND ref the same event. I will get as many live feeds to spectator screens or "second screens" that i can.
4. I am an Aurcade Referee and as soon as the new updated Aurcade website goes live i will post all of the scores as soon as possible.
5. Qualifying rounds are all day friday and saturday..until 5pm... top ten scores qualify for saturday night finals. Finals is top two alternates..(9/10)
6. Seeding for finals is ladder format(head to head) 8-1,7-2,6-3,5-4... quarter finals winner of 8-1 plays winner of 5-4, winner of 7-2 plays winner of 6-3, finals are the last two players head to head.
7. Winner gets a (galaga green) galaga Flight school champion 2018 jersey and a glass trophy.

Sid seattle
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Phil Day
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Re: Galaga Pro-Am flight school championships 2018

Post by Phil Day » Sun May 06, 2018 10:11 am

Sounds great! I'll be in touch. Talk soon.