A New Forum, Why?

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A New Forum, Why?

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‘On February 8th, 1982, Casey Murphy of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, scored 1.5million on Galaga. This 1.5million points are the alpha score, the very first entry, to be ever recorded on Twin Galaxies.’
-Walter Day

Since February 8th, 1982, Twin Galaxies has amassed world record scores on tens of thousands of game titles. Galaga Forum hopes to offer a closer inspection of the oldest competitive video game leader board - Galaga. In doing so, Galaga Forum freely offers encouragement and expertise to Galaga players who wish to have their scores refereed and acknowledged on the worldwide Galaga Forum Leaderboards.
-Galaga Forum Team

The staff at Galaga Forum have all held high scores on video game leaderboards, and are all familiar with the correct settings for both Galaga Tournament and Galaga Marathon for competitive play. All Galaga Forum staff are active moderators on Galaga Forum.

Andrew Barrow holds the world record on Galaga Tournament (MAME) and won the first International Galaga Championship (Score Wars, Meow Wolf). Andrew is ranked 2 in the world on Galaga Tournament (Arcade), and ranked 7 in the world on Galaga Marathon (Arcade).

Armarndo Gonzalez finished in second place at the first International Galaga Championship (Score Wars, Meow Wolf). Armarndo is ranked 3 in the world on Galaga Tournament (Arcade).

Jon Klinkel has many high ranking scores on different settings across various leaderboards. Jon finished third at the first International Galaga Championship (Score Wars, Meow Wolf). He is ranked 8 in the world onGalaga Tournament (Arcade).

Tanner Rousseau was one of ten competitors from around the world to qualify for the first International Galaga Championship (Score Wars, Meow Wolf). Tanner is ranked 14 in the world on Galaga Marathon (Arcade).

Eric Akeson is the first video game player to be inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame. Eric has held world records and high scores on various titles. He was also the first person officially recognised to reach the 'split-screen' on Turbo Pac-Man. As a referee for Twin Galaxies and as the head referee for Aurcade, Eric adjudicated many of the most prestigious arcade scores from the some of worlds greatest arcade players, including Ken House (Dig Dug world record game), Pat Laffaye (Frogger world record game), Steve Wiebe (Donkey Kong world record game), and John McAllister (Robotron world record game, and Asteroids world record game).

Glen Updike has many high ranking scores on various gaming platforms. Glen's 12,000,000 point marathons score on Lifeforce (NES), during this marathon score requiring twenty hours of play, Glen became the first, second, and only person to roll the score on Lifeforce for the NES. Glen is also won the NES Galaga Tournament at Grassroots Gaming, 2012.

Hank Chien, six time Donkey Kong world record holder, has competed in five of the six Kong Offs - winning Kong Off 1 and Kong Off 4.

Phil Day held the World Record for Galaga Tournament (Arcade) from 2009 to 2011.

* The Galaga Forum Administrator is permitted to referee Galaga submissions for all Galaga Forum Leaderboards. The Galaga Forum Administrator has the authority to dismiss and replace referees, head referees, and the off-field referee. The Galaga Forum Administrator is NOT permitted to submit Galaga scores (regardless of settings or platform) for adjudication by ANY Galaga Forum referees, head referees, or the off-field referee. Nor will a Galaga score achieved by the Galaga Forum Administrator at a Galaga Forum trusted arcade source (Funspot, Galloping Ghosts, Netherword), or a Galaga score achieved at a trusted Galaga tournament/competition, be permitted for publication on ANY of the Galaga Forum Leaderboards.